Hey you!

Thanks for stoppin’ in! I’m happy to say that I am a recent graduate from Rider University (‘19) where I double majored in Acting and Dance (though I am originally from Cranford, NJ)! During my time at Rider I was so fortunate to take part in many, many incredible productions both onstage and off. Some personal favorites include These Seven Sicknesses, as well as the premiere of an original work, In Every Note! When not inside a theater, I love playing around practicing yoga, drinking LOTS of coffee, and looking for new adventures in new places!

A couple more things to know about me:

  1. I will NEVER EVER pass up an opportunity to pet a dog.

  2. I am all about living a healthy lifestyle. Working at a local juice bar for the past three years, I’ve developed a love for learning about all the incredible things good food (and mindful living) can do for the body! Trust me, it’s really cool!

  3. I am an absolute nerd and will always take up an opportunity to sit down in a bookstore for hours on end and READ! When I was younger, I once packed 9 books on a family vacation to Disney World… I wish I was kidding.